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Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee Brewers - 5/12/12

I started this Tumblr as a place for my non-hockey stuff, but surprise, surprise, most of what I do on here is hockey.

So, I’ve moved the domain name I bought to a new Tumblr, where all my hockey ramblings will reside - GeekMisconduct. If you like my hockey stuff, please give me a follow over there - I promise to be more active than I have been.

My non-hockey ramblings will reside here. I won’t be offended if you unfollow - I’ll probably eventually unfollow my hockey tumbleblogs on this account and refollow on the GM account.

Thanks peeps! :)

Simon & Bolly

Simon Hamster is not too sure of this Bolland guy. I think his death stare creeps him out a bit ;)


It just might.

photo by that-fucking-ginger-kid

Haha, I know exactly where this sign is. And sadly, I fear it’s true :|

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No one cares, but here we go:

Eastern Conference

Rangers vs. Senators

Rangers in 5 - King Henrik > Sickly Looking Anderson

Bruins vs. Capitals

Bruins in 6 - I hope Obama goes to one of the games /troll

Panthers vs. Devils

Devils in 5 - Hey, at least the Florida fans may get to throw a rat or two on the ice

Penguins vs. Flyers

Penguins in 7 - Get the stretchers and the scrapers to get the blood off the ice ready!

Western Conference

Canucks vs. Kings

Canucks in 7 - Although I’m hoping for a “Quick” upset

Blues vs. Sharks

Blues in 5 - Poor Nemo

Coyotes vs. Blackhawks

Blackhawks in 6 - I don’t know if I could handle a first round exit again…

Predators vs. Red Wings

Predators in 7 - Can a blimp please crash on the ice during one of these games?

I won’t predict any further, but if pressed for a Cup champ, the sentimental part of me of course says the Blackhawks. The logical part of me says the Rangers.


Chicago Express 2011-12

Mel is a Sad Panda :(

Chicago Express 2011-12

This was the first year for Chicago’s ECHL franchise. I was a half season ticket holder and enjoyed the ups and downs this season. The Express ended up tied for the eighth and final spot in the conference, but lost out on the Kelly Cup Playoffs due to tiebreakers. Even though I’m sad I won’t be seeing them in the postseason, I am extremely proud of this team and all they accomplished this season. I hope to see many of the boys back in October!


I took this photo four months ago when Allen York was playing for the Chicago Express (ECHL). Now’s he’s won his first two games in the NHL with the Blue Jackets - against the Red Wings and Panthers no less.



requested by moveslikekaner

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This is MY picture. I understand people like to “artsy” up pictures, play with filters, etc. But to those of you who do, and chop of watermarks and then don’t put photo credit, etc, on the pictures…. learn your copyright law, and learn it in a hurry.

Read this:

And read this:

I am very happy and flattered that people like my photography enough that it gets shared, etc. But when you take people’s pictures (not just mine; anybody’s!) and chop off copyrights and then don’t credit the original photographer, it doesn’t take away the original photographer’s copyrights

You’re doing a disservice to every photographer out there when you don’t credit people’s work. For people like myself who are trying to build name recognition in order to pursue a potential career in the field, you cut off the ability for people to contact me when they like my work. Which means you are potentially cutting me (or any other photographer) off from job opportunities. Didn’t think of that before, did any of you?

As a photographer, nothing is more startling than to be surfing around the web, and stumble across some web site you’re not familiar with, and find one of your own photographs staring back at you. We remember our work. People might manipulate it, but we remember our own work.

Please, please, please, for the love of all that is artsy, and for the sake of every photographer (and any other artist out there), MAKE SURE YOU CREDIT WORK PROPERLY. You’d be pretty annoyed if you were in the same position.



Tony Tasset

“While working as a gallery assistant installing Minimalist sculpture in the homes of wealthy art collectors, Tony Tasset learned that when art enters the domestic sphere distinctions between art and decoration tend to collapse. Button Progression’s wall-mounted cubes, whose buttons increasingly subdivide the leather cushions, refer to Minimalism’s serial repetitions as equally as they summon high-end leather furniture.”

He was my sculpture professor when I was in college :)

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